Best Rideshare Websites in 2017 is a new service that helps drivers earn an extra $100+ per month by providing free and premium products to passengers -- snacks, chargers, Advil and more. It's totally free for drivers, they ship all products directly to your door, and deposit earnings into your account twice monthly. 

The Rideshare Guy Blog by Harry Cambell. Our team is constantly on top of this guys blog. Get the latest information on Uber & Lyft. Not many drivers online can say they haven’t heard of The Rideshare Guy.  A fantastic forum with every topic you can imagine for anything related to rideshare. 

TheSimpleDriver by Calvin is an amazing rideshare coach that has tons of free advice on youtube, along with his paid courses. 45,000 subscribers on his channel. Numbers don’t lie! Mystro allows you to have Uber & Lyft apps on at the same time. You’ll never have to touch your phone again while driving, optimizing safety and saving you a ticket for texting & driving. Set your preferences for which type of rides to accept. For example, set your preference to only accept a ride under 10 minutes away. Essential tool if you drive for both Uber & Lyft. Misplaced your Uber or Lyft car decals? This website has some really neat light up signs for night time that passengers can spot almost instantly!